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2024 Festival

This year's festival committee selected 'Break Barriers, Build Bridges' as the theme for the upcoming festival to communicate the urgent need for empathy, unity and understanding. The theme aims to emphasise the need to dismantle societal, cultural, and systemic barriers that hinder progress towards the universal fulfilment of Human Rights.


This theme aims to inspire conversations and actions that foster connections, empathy, and collaboration among individuals and communities, fostering a platform for solidarity and change. By focusing on breaking down barriers and constructing bridges, the festival aims to champion human rights globally while encouraging dialogue and collective efforts in Oxford and beyond, towards a more equitable and harmonious world.

Our Programme

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Our Events

Building Communities: Design, Engagement & Human Rights

Discover how design can empower communities, as architectural designer and community engagement specialist Olwethu Nkala Jack shares his experience of fostering positive change within communities in South Africa.

Friday 15th March 18:00-19:30

Threads of Change A Fashion Swap For Human Rights 

Swap your old clothes for new perspectives at 'Threads of Change,' where we're tackling human rights issues in fashion.

Sunday 17th March 12:00-16:00

Food Injustice and the Right to Sustenance: If Oxford's so Rich, Then Why am I Hungry? 

Monday 18th March 12:00-13:30

Oxford Mutual Aid will host a discussion on food justice, exploring barriers and responsibilities in ending hunger locally, addressing the gap between belief and action, and promoting collaboration to combat food injustice in Oxford.

20 Days in Mariupol Film Screening and Discussion

"20 DAYS IN MARIUPOL" offers a vivid portrayal of Ukrainian journalists' struggle to document atrocities amidst the Russian invasion, highlighting the vital role of journalism in conflict zones.

Monday 18th March 18:00-20:00

Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges for Justice in Conflict Contexts

Join Dr. Farah Mihlar for online discussion with human rights activists from Africa, Asia and the Middle East to discuss the challenges they face in their everyday work and the strategies they use to break barriers and build bridges.

Monday 18th March 15:00-16:00

Human Rights in Palestine Solidarity Across Borders 

Gain insights into the challenges faced by Palestinians and learn how individuals and groups in Oxford can stand in solidarity to advocate for human rights in Palestine.

Tuesday 19th March 12:00-13:30

Hoot and Holler! Exhibition and Discussion

An enlightening exhibition and discussion organised by Sarah Grimwood on the intersection of Black expression through art and music, and their relationship to African American history.

Tuesday 19th March 18:00-19:30

Resilience in Crisis OISD X CENDEP Seminar

The seminar talk will highlight work and findings of CENDEP research team on themes such as ‘inclusive and resilient response’; ‘refugee protection and human rights’; ‘conflict and humanitarianism’ and ‘homes and communities’ in crisis contexts.

Wednesday 20th March 13:00-14:00

Shelter Without Shelter Film Screening and Discussion

Discover the complexities of housing forced migrants in emergency conditions across Europe and the Middle East in the award-winning documentary "Shelter Without Shelter,", followed by a discussion with the filmmakers.

Wednesday 20th March 17:30-19:30

Issues of 'Honour' In Marriage and Reproduction Oxford Against Cutting

Oxford Against Cutting (OAC) presents a seminar featuring two short films from their True Izzat series, delving into the societal pressures surrounding conception and cousin marriage in South Asian communities.

Thursday 21st March 12:00-13:30

The Old Oak Film Screening and Discussion

In Ken Loach's latest film, a young Syrian refugee and a pub landlord in the north-east of England unite to bridge the gap between two traumatized communities, screening followed by a discussion with local Oxford organisations serving refugees.

Thursday 21st March 18:00-20:00

Human Rights in Humanitarianism Oxfam's Vittorio Infante

What is the role of human rights in shaping humanitarian response? Join us for a compelling seminar delivered by Oxfam's Vittorio Infante.

Friday 22nd March 12:00-13:30

11,103 Film Screening and Discussion

A documentary featuring survivor stories of state-sponsored violence during the Martial Law years during the Marcos dictatorship, followed by a discussion with journalist and author Candy Gourday.

Friday 22nd March 15:00-17:00

Break Barriers, Build Bridges Exhibition and Showcase Evening 

Discover Human Rights through the eyes of the Oxford community at this event centred around the 'Break Barriers, Build Bridges' exhibition, hear from some of the contributors, appreciate the works together, and reflect on the festival's various themes.

Friday 22nd March 18:00-20:00

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