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Exhibitions 2022

“Murmuration" by Hip Hat Collective

A series of installations to highlight the Human Right to Education and to stand in solidarity with the challenges of the unprecedented numbers of displaced people around the world.

With the help of the local community, hundreds of origami butterflies made with discarded books fly throughout the Oxfordshire County Library. Curated by HipHat Collective, a group of Oxford Brookes Master of Fine Arts students: Alamelu Annhamalai, Etain O’Carroll, Kulsuma Monica Khatoon, Laura Campbell, Lilli Tranborg and Maria Won.


Yasmeen Lari Barefoot Social Architecture

Yasmeen Lari, the first female architect in Pakistan, is one of the best-known architects in the country, as well as an architectural historian, heritage and environmental conservationist.


By building over 40,000 one-room houses in disaster-affected areas, she has helped place Pakistan in the lead with the largest zero carbon shelter programme in the World. See venue website for opening hours. Picture: Zero Carbon Cultural Centre, Makli. Curated by OxARCH.

The Vanarmare Tribe: Our Right To Roam

Based just outside the city of Ponda, Goa, this community of sixteen families are at a crossroads of a traditional nomadic existence and permanence. In October 2016, the tribe was attacked by neighbouring villagers. It was this outrage that resulted in the government recognising their existence. They received identity cards and birth certificates. Everyone’s birthday is the 1st of January. Curated by Kuhu Gupta.


Movement revisited Stories of the future generation

Movement isn't just a distant story. Oxford Brookes University students revisit their ancestral experiences of displacement and migration and its reflect on what connects them to their histories and families today. Come be a part of their stories. Curated by Kuhu Gupta, Priya Addanki and Sumaiya Shameem.


A Conflict Textiles


Conflict Textiles is home to a large collection of international textiles,
exhibitions and associated events, all of which focus on elements of conflict and human rights abuses. Facilitated by Dr Nicholas Marquez-Grant and Wolfson College.  Curated by Conflict Textiles. 


Objetos del daño/Objects of pain

A series of projections. This project shows a number of photographs from objects of the dead during the Spanish Civil War and years that followed. These objects come from both the relatives of the missing as well as from the mass grave exhumations. Objects of pain curators/artists Jorge Moreno, Alfonso Villalta, Maria Benito and Nicholas Marquez-Grant. 

Hostile Terrain 94​

Hostile Terrain 94 is a participatory exhibition created by the Undocumented Migration Project, a non-profit organization that focuses on the social process of immigration and raises awareness through research, education, and outreach. Artist: Jason de Leon. 


Traces and Remnants

The mixed media work is constructed as an assemblage of fractured
pieces, echoing the fragmentation of the bodies and the shattering of loved one’s lives during conflict. Artist: Valerie Scott. Curated by Dr Nicholas Marquez-Grant.

Vidas Suspendias/Suspended Lives
Artist: Luz M Sosa Contreras

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