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Adrian Sempa

My name is Adrian Sempa.

​I studied at Plymouth University and I have a experience in the humanitarian field (working with the company, Journeyman International, in my year-out etc). Human rights has always been a passion of mine, with my essays primarily focusing on better spaces for the poor and marginalised communities, in this world.

I believe that everyone should have equal opportunities and liveable areas, which is why I am involving myself in the Human Rights Festival.

Claudia Vesga

I am a first year MArchD student, specialising in Development and Emergency Practice.

I completed my undergraduate studies at Cardiff University and since then I have worked in Singapore and New York at architectural heritage and restoration consultancy firms. I am passionate about restoring cultural identities of communities through the built environment, and have always had an interest in helping people and educating myself on conflict and current events.

​I joined the Human Rights festival to continue learning and advocating for those in need.


Dinesha Kanagasundaram

Hi ya! I’m Dinesha, from Malaysia. I’ve just graduated back in December ’20 but have been involved with architectural projects during my internships and slightly after graduation. I’m also a passionate graphic designer and illustrator; I’ve designed and illustrated several fashion fabric prints and have been designing brochures and magazines in architectural and graphic design firms.

​Currently, I’m pursuing Development Emergency Practice in Architecture, a dream that I’ve always wanted to pursue and to be able to help those in need, one day. I believe this field of Humanitarian Architecture would mould me into a person that sees a world beyond architecture and to be more aware of the reality of our surroundings and people.

Jackie Kearney

I am a Masters student studying Development and Emergency Practice at Oxford Brookes.

My research and career interests concern advocating for a shift towards more equitable approaches to disaster, displacement and development.

​I am passionate about the role of documentaries, exhibitions and other forms of storytelling in centering the experiences of the most marginalised and sensitising the global community to take action.


Kirra McCollum

Hi, I am a master’s student at Oxford Brookes studying Development and Emergency Practice.

I hold two BAs from Oregon State University, one in Interior Architecture and one in Sustainability. Since then I have worked as an interior designer for a commercial architecture firm in the United States and have spent time volunteering for Habitat for Humanity which led me to discover my passion for the humanitarian architectures sector.

​I want to be a part of the Human Rights Festival to explore my interest in this field along with fostering a deeper understanding of the humanitarian world. 

Maria de Carli Ball

Hi, my name is Maria and I am a Master’s Student at Oxford Brookes University, studying Film Studies: Popular Cinema.

I recently graduated from Oxford Brookes with a BA in English Literature and Film Studies. I am very passionate about both Film and Human Rights, and so being a part of the Human Rights Film Festival was a natural progression for me. In terms of conveying societal issues concerning a humanitarian world, film is an ideal medium to explore these issues as well as dismantling them.

​I joined the festival so that I can continue educating myself at a time where change has been very slow and coming, as well as spreading awareness through the visual medium of cinema.


Justin Collins

I am an Architecture student and part 1 Architectural Assistant, studying a Masters at Oxford Brookes with the Development and Emergency Practice team. After my undergraduate degree I spent time as a labourer then worked in Port Talbot designing Covid hospitals in south wales. I joined the humanitarian festival team because I believe those 'with' should help those 'without'.

Mohammed Haj Salih

I am Mohammed, an Italian of Syrian origins, born and raised in the city of Venice. I achieved my Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Università Iuav di Venezia. At the moment I am doing my first year of the MArchD program at Oxford Brookes University. I would like to turn my career towards sustainable architecture, a branch that looks after the moderation of materials’ usage by focusing the attention on recycled and local ones.

​My goal is to keep culture and traditions alive by limiting the impact of buildings on the environment. That means implementing energy efficiency and establishing proper waste management. This kind of approach, for instance, could be worthwhile for developing new strategies of post-war reconstruction, by reducing building costs.


Kuhu Gupta

Hey! I am a student at Oxford Brookes University, enrolled in the MarchD programme with the Development and Emergency Practice specialisation. 

I have always been interested in stories of people from different cultures and learning about their values and belief systems. I think it is important to listen to people and continue learning about issues that affect communities and societies. I strive to be an architect that has a positive impact on my surroundings. 

I joined the Human Rights Festival team to be able to highlight different stories and be part of a movement that brings positivity into the world. See you at the festival!!

Sumaiya Shameem

Greetings. I am Sumaiya, born in Saudi Arabia and brought up in Bangladesh. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I have thoroughly enjoyed my career as an Architect the following five years. Throughout my professional experience, I always wanted to get back to studies and explore new things. Currently, I am pursuing the MArchD programme at Oxford Brookes University, specialising in Development and Emergency Practice.

During my thesis, “Tribal Cultural Centre“, I found myself connecting with the indigenous communities and their life stories. This brought a new perspective in my life, which in turn inspired me to be a part of the Human Rights Festival. This festival has given a wide platform to people from different cultures to come together and share their unique stories.


Victoria Greenwood

I am currently studying for an MA in Human Rights, Emergencies and Development at Oxford Brookes. My career started in charity fundraising and since then I have worked in nonprofit organisations and have experience of partnerships, governance, and strategic planning.  This Masters course fulfils a long-held ambition to understand and learn more about human development, humanitarian work, and rights advocacy. 

I am passionate about the plight of refugees and asylum seekers, and I currently volunteer at Asylum Welcome in the policy and advocacy team. I am particularly interested in colonial power and women’s human rights.

Jamillatul Zakiah Zakariah

I am an Architectural Master’s student at Oxford Brookes University specialising in Development and Emergency Practice. I gained my bachelor’s in architecture from De Montfort University, Leicester in 2019 and did my professional practice as a Part 1 Assistant in Malaysia during my year out. Prior to that, I have had a chance to do my internship at a UK-based company in China, focusing on urban design.

Whilst in the practice, I have gained experienced in an architectural journalism as well as being involved directly in the writing and production of an architectural monograph entitled Blurring Boundaries. I have always been intrigued in the issues relating to woman rights and empowerment with the highlight to period poverty as well as indigenous people’s right and equality. I am participating in the Human Rights Festival to enable myself to see, to hear, to learn and to unlearn in a hope that I can give more to the world. 


Rayappan Chockalingam

Hello, my name is Rayappan , an architect.

I have worked with architecture studios in different regions within India.

I am currently pursuing Development and Emergency Practice in Architecture at Brookes University and am passionate about creating habitable spaces for all and have started to explore the field of Humanitarian Architecture.

I joined the Festival to educate myself more about the Rights and awareness expressed through art and architecture Influences.

Sean Hattersley

I am a third year Film student with a background in photography, and a passion for creative arts.

I joined the Human Rights Festival as I have always had an interest in different cultures and learning from different people whether online or in person.

​Our modern world allows for a movement of information as well as people, and these connections we make are important to us all.

Issues that are important to me include freedom of movement around the world, and LGBTQ+ rights.


Tanya Haldipur

I am a Masters student specialising in Development and Emergency Practice.

I completed my bachelors in Architecture from Newcastle University in 2018. Since then I have gained experience working on large infrastructure projects both in the UK and New Zealand. I took part in a virtual course on Cyclone-resistant housing which opened my eyes to the ways in which art and design can be used as a tool for advocacy and strategic planning.

​I have a keen interest in community resilience and local empowerment and I joined the Festival to learn more about human rights and to be a part of raising greater awareness for such a crucial topic through art.

Adlina Marsya

Hi there! I’m Adlina, I’m a MArchD student at Oxford Brookes University, specialising in Development and Emergency Practice.

​A passion with a purpose has led me into the pursuit of being part of the Humanitarian Architecture field. It reflects on a vital part of my life goals, providing me with a prominent sense of literally, ‘being a human’, and drives me towards critical thinking in finding solutions to basic community needs. How blessed would that be, to be able to contribute to humanity as an overall scheme? 

Fun side, I’m an adrenaline junkie, I love extreme sports and always down for new adventures! 


Priya Addanki


Hello! I am a first year MArchD student specialising in Development & Emergency Practice.. After completing my undergraduate studies at the University of Kent, I did my year out with GLS Architects International in London. With a sound knowledge of working with Listed Buildings, community centres and schools across the Greater London area, I began to focus on working with and for the community. 

I am fascinated by design that combines sustainable and effective spatial explorations that encourage the redefinition of the societal and economic conditions of an area. Since architecture is about shaping space and making better places, the consideration of the wide range and richness of our society in the UK by architects and planners is crucial. It is important to consider the development in city-making through intercultural eyes.

By joining the Human Rights Festival, I hope to educate myself and others on social issues affecting the UK and our world. I believe it is important to ‘love one another’ and with the efforts of the HRF team, it will be the best opportunity to do so.  

HipHat Collective

Maria Won,  Alamelu Annamalai, Monica Kulsuma Khatoon, Laura Campbell, Etain O'Carroll, Lilli Tranborg, Yolande Wyer, Siobhan Cooney  

HipHat Collective focuses on community arts, participatory works, education, engagements, and interdisciplinary works.
We are an independent, artist-led, collaborative collective using the power of creative expression to facilitate social change. We use art, craft and transformative storytelling to connect communities, celebrate diversity and address difficult topics. Our work aims to inform and inspire, create connections between people and their communities, address injustices and inequalities, and provoke discussion. We believe art can be a powerful force for good, and an easily accessible way in which to foster imagination and creativity, help others explore their talents and understand the world in a different way.

The HipHat members met at their Masters in Fine Arts program at Oxford Brookes University, and share an interest in collectively supporting one another, engaging communities and using creativity to affect social change. 

Maria Won


Maria Won is a Toronto based artist, curator, and a current MFA student at Oxford Brookes University. After achieving her Masters degree in Art History & Curatorial Practice along with her diploma in Asian Studies in Toronto, she decided to pursue her practice in Oxford with a keen interest in multidisciplinary, artificial intelligence, performance, and virtual reality.

In her art practice, Won explores the element of plastic, mass-production, and the questionable future with plastic. She has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions in Toronto, Seoul, Tokyo, and recently in Brooklyn, New York. 

Won has an Honors in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts & Art History from York University, Toronto, Canada, as well as accredited from Ewha Woman's University, Seoul, South Korea. 

Throughout her life, she has been volunteering internationally focusing on the cause of equity, diversity and inclusion. Her strong beliefs towards civil rights, equal rights, and climate change connected her to participate in the Human Rights Festival.

​As a member of the HipHat Collective, she plans to use art as a tool to educate and create awareness for social and political change.

Laura Campbell

Laura Campbell is an Oxford based fine artist and MFA Student, recently graduated from a BA fine art course in York. Campbell’s practice is informed by research into disability and personal representation, using printmaking, painting and performance as recurring expressive elements of communication.

Her practice aims to contribute to conversations surrounding disability within the visual arts whilst researching how her own disability fits within socio-political spheres within contemporary fine art.

​With a keen interest in civil and equal rights echoed throughout her practice, Campbell aims to contribute to the Human Rights Festival by providing insight into specific research through creating an informed artistic outcome.​


Kulsuma Monica Khatoon

Kulsuma Monica Khatoon is a deaf fine artist and illustrator born and based in Oxford, England. Kulsuma graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art which includes projects in painting, drawing, illustrator, time-based media, video, installation, photography, mix-media, digital art, documentary. Her works reflect on contemporary art that links to disability and surrealism. 

Kulsuma is currently studying at Masters Fine Art student at Oxford Brookes University. Through her practice she aims to contribute to the Human rights festival by explaining identity, disability, economic inequality, mental health, social exclusion, taboo in East Asia, climate environment, and social media.

As a member of the HipHat Collective with MFA students, she works on illustration and graphic design and demonstrates various art tools and workshops portraying alternative perspective of disability.

Alamelu Annhamalai

Alamelu Annhamalai is an ambidextrous visual artist from Chennai, India pursuing her MFA degree at Oxford Brookes University. Since completing her Visual Arts degree at Stella Maris College, Chennai, in 2015, she has had two solo shows and several national shows. Her works are a part of collections both in India and internationally.

Her practice is rooted in the complexities of human nature and social changes, with nostalgia and memory informing her work. Currently, her works focuses on the dysfunctions of language and communication used to visualise reality and the dissonance between form and content. She works mainly with painting, printing and illustration, the subject matter of each body of her work determines the medium.

She has always strongly supported social and educational causes, with her fundraising efforts for Blue Cross of India, Chennai in 2020 and for Sei Sanjeevani Cerebral Palsy Care Centre in 2021. With experience in teaching at institutions and workshops, she has created her own art course for children and studied their improvement in relation to art therapy as a personal project. Annamalai believes education should be inclusive and accessible to all and through the Human Rights Festival she aims at shedding light onto these matters via artistic practices. 


Lillian Tranborg

Lillian is an Oxford-based artist and sculptor who favours working outside with natural materials such as clay, wood, stone and found objects.

She takes inspiration from nature, science and the things that link them. Currently doing a Masters of Fine Art at Oxford Brookes

Etain O'Carroll

Etain is an Oxford-based photographer and writer who is currently a postgraduate student on the Masters of Fine Art programme at Brookes.

She has previously worked as a freelance writer and photographer working on national newspapers and magazines as well as online content for corporate and state bodies.

Her work has taken her around the world working with indigenous communities, community action groups and climate activists on projects as diverse as music festivals, national racism awareness campaigns, education projects and community engagement. She is part of the HipHat Collective.


Elizabeth Laskar

I am the festival lead and work part-time under CENDEP at Brookes University. I have spent over 20 years dedicated to environmental and humanitarian causes. The picture above is of me and my house guest Cybil.

From 2004 my interest and work centred around  sustainable fashion and in 2011 transitioned into peace building and gender equality. I also hold the position of  National Coordinator and programme manager of Creators of Peace UK which is a programme housed under Initiatives of Change UK.  I am also the Treasurer for the Oxford Fair Trade Coalition. 

In 2019 I graduated with a MA in Development and Emergency Practice from CENDEP.  I have been working with the festival since and enjoy working with inspiring human rights advocates on the planning committee every year.

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