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"All dressed up for Eid."​


"All dressed up for Eid"


​Prize winner, Rohingya life category. Jamal was born in Bangladesh and has been a refugee all his life.

'Rohingya Refugees document their lives'Curated by Shafiur Rahman

Showcasing the winning entries of the Rohingya refugees photography competition 2020. In this exhibition Shafiur's video takes viewers on a journey through photographs to help us understand the challenges and inspirations of everyday life during the pandemic for the Rohingya. Video from winners also make part of the exhibition. Picture by Noor Hossain.


'Is Anybody Listening?!​'


Vlogs on experiences of the pandemic lockdown. University students from the United Kingdom and around the world feel like they have been neglected. They have been locked into their accommodation in a new city with no gardens or means to exercise while they are expected to complete their degree to the same standard as years before.

“LGBT free zones” photographic project​

Showcasing a selection of photos taken by Bart Staszewski as a part of “LGBT free zones” project. The author highlights the homophobia in the regions of Poland that declared themselves “free from LGBT ideology”. By designing a sign and hanging it under the name of the city, Bart managed to show that those resolutions are a fight not against an ideology, but real people.

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