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How does the distortion of story telling and news reporting affect our understanding and our world views. The 'We Need You' series of podcasts talks to experts to discuss press, protest, deception and the awesome power of words. Producers and presenters Lucie Dick and Victoria Greenwood.

Podcast 1: Belinda Goldsmith, Editor-in-Chief of Thomson Reuters Foundation, helps us make sense of how to preserve truth and reality when misinformation, disinformation and propaganda freely pollute our information systems. (25mins)

Podcast 2: Josie Naughton is the CEO of Choose Love, we expose the hostile political narrative and how this impacts the lives of refugees, and we ask if shared common humanity since the pandemic can unite us.

Podcast 3: Esther Stanford-Xosei, Advocate of Extinction Rebellion unpacks how the media portrays activism and civil disobedience and we assess the power of protest and disruption.

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